The thing I've been saying for weeks now, Clint Ecker says so well: "The question of the hour is if one could be expected to sit and watch 45 minutes of video on the iPod's LCD. My answer to that question is "yes" with one caveat. I walk to work and today I tried watching some video on my commute.

"Result: disastrous.

"I nearly ran into several people and almost injured myself in an accident involving those rows of news paper stands. My recommendation would be to enjoy these video treats on the safety of a bus or train, and please refrain from catching up on your favorite episodes on the walk to work. I would go far as to extend that warning to car commuters as well. Remember kids, friends don't let friends use their video iPod while driving."

My take on it is: "It's an iPod for San Franscisco and NYC. For those who commute on BART or the Metro." Posted by Picasa

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