Time Warner Cable (doth protest too much)

Time Warner's running some nice TV ads about how they're never late to install cable. They have these hapless people jumping out of the shower to answer the door, tripping over themselves, because the Time Warner Cable Guy is so early that you didn't expect it.

Last week we ordered cable, mostly because of that new Sorkin show.

The install was scheduled to happen from 5-7PM last Friday.

So around 7:15, we called to say, "Are you planning to come over?" We were told we'd get a call back right away.

None came.

We called back around 8 and were told we'd get a call back.

The lady called back and said, oh the cable guy is running really late, so you should wait until 10PM, because he'll show up.

This was one of those nights you were planning to go out to eat but then it looks like you probably won't.

Anyway, I guess the installer guy in the commercial only works in the mornings. He sure wasn't working that night.


We finally called back on Tuesday and they said it would be another week, so we told them to cancel.

Oh yeah, they didn't offer us $20 like the commercial said when we canceled.

Don't believe what you see on TV.

Just download it instead


  1. My sympathies. I was given a time window of 1-3. After waiting and waiting (with no calls from TW) they finally showed up at 7:00 pm! Luckily I did not hang out and wait for all that time :-) No use yelling at the independent contractor installer either; not their fault. Put it down as the cost of doing business with the local, incumbent monopoly. My experiences with the DWP / Gas company etc. have not been any better. At least you have DSL as an option. Not so for me :-)

  2. Did you know there's cable in the air!! not for the internet part, but you can totally watch late night infomercials, at NO COST.

    the only trick is, the plugs are invisible too, so you have to put your antenna in the right place to find the free wireless cable.

    see older nerdblog post for details.

    stupid timewarner.