Lite AIM

Lite AIM

Thank goodness.


  1. Justin asked for a list so here goes (in no particular order):

    0. need clickable links!

    -- textedit & focus issues

    1. textedit activation should show the cursor immediately, then start blinking. the boxley textedit seems to use a global timer to blink, which makes the caret not show up sometimes when you click on it (this makes it feel slow.)

    2. i like gtalk's ability to set focus to the edit AND do selected text up top at the same time - clicking anywhere on the window makes it possible to type a response.

    3. the textedit is smaller text than the chat, looks a little funny to me.

    -- other stuff

    4. you can't rearrange your buddies, not that i do much.

    5. file transfer isn't very discoverable

    6. edge resizer is picky - to get the diagonal resizer you have to hit a tiny area (otherwise you get horizontal or vertical one) - expand it!

    7. would like some window chrome options (even more minimal one?)

    8. i actually miss the buddy search feature in triton & gtalk.

    9. custom away messages (i don't use them that much but lots of friends do)

    10. buddy icons (somehow)

  2. 11. no right-click in text edit (for paste)

    12. the buddylist scrollbar is huge and ugly