The Marriage Discount

My auto insurance company gave me $170 for getting married. Nice wedding gift, really. You are apparently a better driver just for having a wife.

So, quite self-consciously, Lorna has taken it upon herself to earn this amount.

"Don't get a speeding ticket."
"You should come to a complete stop here."
"See the cop hiding behind the gravel pile?"


  1. My guess is insurance companies know the human mating dance: young men re-enacting Rebel Without a Cause ad infinitum until the catch is made.

    You're more insurable now that there's no longer an incentive for you to peel out at every stoplight. :)

  2. Well, let's be sure to remember that Insurance providers are rather heartless about things. They have years of statistical data that actuaries pore over. The rate they charge is a formula based on the likelihood that you will have a claim, the number of similar folk to you that are insured, the amount of the usual claim, and a profit margin. It's all what the numbers bear out.

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