anniversary gifts

Lorna and I have been married for a year. That means (if you look it up) that we've just had our "paper" anniversary (meaning your anniversary gift should relate to paper). Technically we're allowed to substitute "clocks" if we're modern sorts of people.

While there were other gifts that I'm not going to go into, I thought it was worth sharing the paper one.

Over the past year we've had our honeymoon slashdotted and we've been on TV for not buying a car (because they wanted fingerprints first). So apparently we have some sort of privacy theme happening, at least in public.

So we bought ourselves a lovely 15-page micro cut paper shredder. (Frank Abagnale's picture is even on the box, promising that your identity won't be stolen as often if you use it.)

We had a really fun time cleaning the house of all those credit card offers, too.

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  1. Does this mean you will be shredding your anniversary gifts?

    As to privacy, one would have to be a hopeless idealist to believe there is any such thing as privacy in the US anymore.