Stats from the vote

(Jonah helped me crunch some numbers about the vote using public data in California.)

California was slightly in favor of the bailout by votes: 29 to 24.

I mapped House votes today (aye/nay the bailout) to congressional district to zipcode to average price of houses in each zipcode. (I have price data for about 80% of zipcodes from dqnews.)

Ayes: median house: $489k, average house: $540k, stdev of prices: $247k
Nays: median house: $478k, average house: $483k, stdev of prices: $173k

From this we can't conclude much, except that the super-rich regions voted for the bailout, and everybody else was split.

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  1. You should consider adding whether or not the congressman is up for re-election in November. I think you'll see some trends in those results.