JPEG XR nearing standardization

Per the JPEG press release, JPEG XR is nearing the final stages.

What is JPEG XR? It's HD Photo, from Microsoft, now on its third renaming. Likely this standardization process will put all patent worries to rest.

I don't see much mention recently of T.851, the simple improvement to JPEG, with better lossless compression than Huffman, and 16-bit support.

Things I like about HDP/JPEG-XR: high bit-depth support, streaming all the way to lossless, fast decompression. Things I don't: quality.

Sachin Garg has done a reasonably good study of this, and at typical bitrates (say, 0.5-1.5bpp), JPEG actually beats HDP/JPEG-XR: and it would do even better with T.851.

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