Notes on Toolbar 6

I tried the quick search in Google Toolbar 6.

Typed "chrome":
#1 result: Search google for chrome
#2 result: [Run] Google Chrome

Typed "photoshop":
#1 result: Search google for photoshop
#2 result: Run Photoshop Lightroom
#3 result: Run Photoshop

So I know Google wants me to search, but it's a bit much, and the sorting isn't very smart. I would type "Lightroom" if I wanted Lightroom, after all.

I expected a more Quicksilver/Spotlight thing, so if I type in a file where I have a local app in my start menu by the exact same name, maybe running it could be done by hitting "enter" rather than "down arrow once or twice or three times, then enter".

Maybe I don't really need another way to search the web. I have a browser for that. This toolbar search is fast, and it could be useful if it really did what I wanted, instead of what it does. As it is, I'll probably uninstall it.

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  1. Have you tried Dave's Quick Search Deskbar? It's one of the few reasons I still use Windows.