When "search with Bing..." isn't

I was visiting MSDN today and saw "Search with Bing..." at the top. Like, maybe, they've fixed the terribly slow search on MSDN. Wouldn't that be nice?

I searched, and it was slow as usual. So I measured it.

MSDN search for "GetWindowThreadProcessId": 1126ms
Bing search for "GetWindowThreadProcessId site:msdn.microsoft.com": 234ms
Google search for "GetWindowThreadProcessId site:msdn.microsoft.com": 125ms

With Google, I can make a bookmarklet for "I'm feeling lucky" and get the first MSDN result in about 1/10 the time of MSDN's search.

Message to Microsoft Marketing: Search and Replace is not such a good re-branding strategy. Why rebrand something that's awful if you're trying to compete with something that's good? You are making an effort to tell people that your search is 10 times slower than your competition.

MSDN, if you need help, Google has a site search product that might be useful. Isn't any slower than "real" Google!

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