New Google Storage Prices: Big News

Google announced 25c/GB/year storage for photos today. That means they reduced the price of cloud storage by a factor of TEN. (And free bandwidth is included, too.)

I posted a few months ago about cloud storage prices, and how the cost of keeping machines on, ensuring redundancy, etc., was keeping prices about 30x higher than the incremental cost of buying a new disk.

This is no longer true.

Now I can get:
  1. Redundant storage, offsite backup
  2. Free bandwidth to access and share my photos
  3. An image frontend that re-sizes images to any size I like
  4. Full two-way sync and download capability with Picasa
All this for about 3x the price of local storage.

When I can store raw photos and other files, I think the battle will be over. But today is definitely the day it started.

You can mail a hard drive to Amazon to get them to put your data on S3.

So I think I need a name for the coffee shop that peers with Google over a DS-3 and has gigabit plugs for your laptop.


1 comment:

  1. "Pasadena's Best Internet Coffee House"
    "PetaJava Pasadena"
    "PasaDS-3na Java"

    (man I'm tired of driving to the west side)