LED lighting

It's almost time for LED lights to be something you might want to buy more than CFLs. Here's a glimpse, at least.

The Pharox60 is a 6 watt dimmable LED light. Seems to make a small buzzing sound from like 60-90% brightness, but is silent from 20-60%, and it doesn't go lower than that.

It's bright enough to replace a 40W incandescent, color is only decent, 86CRI.

Here's a link to the current promos to buy one:
http://www.mypharox.com/rebates.html (in British Columbia it's $30 off)
http://www.mypharox.com/pharox6w.html (in the US you can get $10 off, $40 total)

I got the earlier 4W one, and it wasn't bright enough to use, but this one is actually a reasonable replacement bulb.

Why would you pay $40 for a light? Because it lasts forever, really. But you probably want to wait until the total lumen output is a bit higher before replacing everything in your house, because you won't get to do it more than once in the next ten years.

I'm also trying some 1927 fixtures that use incandescent tube lights. Not efficient in the least, but they look like ~2300K and gorgeous.

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