iPhone vs. S3

Just a little spreadsheet for your day.

8GB iPhone: $99
16GB iPhone: $199 (+$12.50/GB)
32GB iPhone: $299 (+$6.25/GB)
64GB iPhone: $399 (+$3.12/GB)

Dropbox: $2/GB/year
Amazon S3: $1.25/GB/year

Cloud storage looks cheap when you compare it to storage in your pocket.


  1. Figure a cheap home PC server with a 2TB drive costs maybe $500 over it's three year lifespan:

    ($500/3)/2000GB = $0.08/GB/year

    Hmmm. Makes me wonder if a Dropbox-like service would be feasible where you supply your own storage hardware? Or maybe on signup, you get a brick-sized box you plug into your net, sparing the company most of the data center costs.

  2. Shouldn't you include network data transfer charges?

  3. But how much of the cost of an iPhone is from the storage? You're also paying for a phone, a great camera, a GPS, an iPod, internet acces, etc. etc.

    Still an interesting comparison.

  4. Well we're only measuring incremental cost, so the rest of the parts shouldn't matter.