Power efficiency at a premium

One of the servers in my house has gone flaky. I suspect the (embedded) disk controller.

So I've been looking for a replacement, and thought, I'll try again to find something power-efficient, for the box that sits in the closet with 4 disks and doesn't do much. I have an old 900MHz box that does this nicely, now.

Well, you find out that Intel in particular wants to make power-efficiency a premium product. Let's look at pricing:

Intel Celeron 335 (85W TDP, 2.8GHz): $60

Server Chips:
Intel 5110 (65W TDP, 1.6GHz): $257
Intel 5140 (65W TDP, 2.33GHz): $518
Intel 5148 (40W TDP, 2.33GHz): $608

So if all you want is a little 1GHz processor to sit in a closet, Intel makes you pay $600 to save 25W of power. Compared to their 1.6GHz model or their celeron, it takes more than 10 years to recoup the extra cost.

How can anyone afford to use these things?

On the other hand, Via's C7 uses 20W and doesn't cost much. But it is really amazingly hard to find these things in a box that you can plug lots of disks into.

Anyone have a link to help out?

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